Scandinavian Modern Home with Wood Cladding

Strachan Group Architects has finished a modern home in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. Social living with Scandinavian concept is the point that fills this house with project name Nikau House.

The owner that are retired couple want to make this house support places for entertaining friends or family that come and providing their comfort place to stay. Natural and humble designs of wooden cladding on the exterior cover this house that look fresh harmonious with green and leafy courtyard around.

White stone tiles combine with wooden decorations inside the house is a perfect match. They are support this bright modern home design with hippest Scandinavian style. Wooden beams cover the stair side above a living space with the same tone woods flooring. This living space with grey sectional sofas and white Scandinavian cushioned chairs has wooden ceiling and wooden beams on the outside of the window that gives shady and warm feeling inside. Wooden beams also decorate the kitchen that is separated by a dining room as the bar side and hanging box side.

In a bedroom, the backsplash use plywood paneled wall with wall mounted shelf and wooden beams are used as the glass window outside trellis. White wooden cladding floor complete this white palette room with soft color striped personal sofas above. Grey rug covers this white floor below a double size bed that overlook to glass sliding window. Round shape hanging lamps decorate this bedroom that has a white nuance bathroom beside.

Natural green courtyards with leafy plants that surround this house look harmonious and romantic at night that combines with warm lighting from the inside house by the space between wooden beams on the windows. An outdoor patio in front of the house with white stone tiles floor and wooden slight furniture make this building with contemporary modern home design has a perfect corner to have a chat every single day.

Image By : Strachan Group Architects

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