Sensational House Interior For The Rich People

For the rich people, having a house with wide space is not a difficult thing. But it may be difficult if the house did not use a suitable design both in the exterior and the house interior. If you have this kind of problem, better see the White residence project by Richard Mersiovsky, A.I.A. in this residence project, you will be amazed with the natural exterior with stone wall and brown roof. Many green trees are available in some spaces outside the house.

When you some inside, you will be surprised with the amazing design. In the living room, you will see many brown sofas which are arranged tidily. Some classic chairs are also placed in this space. Wooden table is located in the middle of these sofas. Using the brown rug, this space looked so natural. Near the wall, you can see a wide wooden cabinet. There are many wide windows which are completing this house interior design.

Many classic chandeliers with different styles are placed inside this house. The kitchen space is not so far from the living room. In the kitchen, you can see wooden furniture like kitchen cabinets and shelves which are matched perfectly with the brown tile floor. A wooden kitchen island is also placed in this space. Some unique lamps are hanged above the island. Not so far from the kitchen, there is a dining room. This space is located near many wide glass windows.

In the dining room, you can see long brown table with many brown chairs around it. Many unique ornaments are placed in this space. Some wonderful chandeliers are hanged above the dining table. Through the windows, you can see the beautiful panoramic view while eating. In the working room, there is a classic wooden fireplace which decorating it. Hardwood floor is used in this space. Many attractive house interior design ideas are presented in this project.

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