Sharp Contemporary Home Design: Result of Warehouse Remodeling

We are going to take a look at a two story contemporary home design. The house used to be a grocery warehouse back then. However, it has now been converted into a modern house. Thanks to the renowned architects, Ian Moore Architects.

The team has been able to provide its client with new interior design without having to demolish the old classical building. As we can see from the picture, the exterior wall still shows the old impression as it has visible brick structures.

The house’s interior has white theme. The contemporary home design plans look contrast as the furniture are mostly in black colors. The first floor, however, is utilized to be the garage and the main activity room. While the private rooms are located on the second floor.

Upon entering the house, we shall pass the frosted glass doors and step in to several staircases. On the right side, there is a study room which is equipped with high bookshelf. There is a black armchair placed next to the end table.

The living room has a very simple and ergonomic design. It has a single couch placed across the coffee table. On its side, we can find a shiny black desk complemented with black chair. Above the sofa, there is a huge clock which will point different directions without having number on its surface. Black and white photography are attached on the wall. Each photo frame is accompanied with wall lamps which look like in a gallery.

Moving onto the bedroom, the house still sustain black and white theme. The simplicity has caused the bedroom to only have a bed frame accompanied with two end tables on each of its side. Above the bed, there are wall lamps emanate lights to the entire room. The wardrobe are integrated within the wall. These modern contemporary home design plans also have all white bathroom set.

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