Shiny Apartment Room with Inspiring Design That Is Not Overcrowded

In designing the apartment room, we have to consider the style and interior concept. The modern design is what people often look for nowadays. This modern apartment concept is also used by this Taiwan architect. They designed a house with clean accent but keeping the stylish decoration. Furniture is arranged to be simple and not to overcrowded. You have to look at this interior design first because this will be so inspiring. Here we go!

Living room is decorated in modern design with grey sofa. This sofa is curving at its corner and has L-shape design. There are black and light brown pillows above this sofa. Light brown carpet is also placed under this sofa to make the inhabitants feel warmer. Wide window in white color is built at the side wall of this living room. Hardwood flooring and some wooden walls are constructed here in light brown color that creates stylish apartment room design.

Next to this living room, there is dining table with the same material as the flooring. This table legs are unique because some of them is built in wood whereas some other are in white painted steel. Two chairs in tosca color are decorated this dining area. White hanging lamp is hung on the ceiling. Moreover, kitchen that is located near this dining table has white cabinet design. A photo frame also becomes the focal point at this kitchen. Simple ceiling lamps are installed above.

In this apartment, there is light brown wooden door besides a mirror wall. This door is built at the corner space. Mirror can make your room looks bigger because of its reflection. This is an inspiration for us for applying trick in designing home. Most of the interior wall is created in concrete material that is painted in white color. Many parts in this apartment room design ideas are also covered with wood slabs to get the stylish atmosphere.

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