Simple Duplex Apartment Interior Design

When a single apartment room is not enough for your needs, employing duplex apartment would be a perfect choice. Just like what JM Architecture has done by merging two apartment unit into one. The result of this process was just staggering. It does not create a spacious room for the residents, but it also provides residents with enough space to show their true identity. This Como Loft apartment is located in Milan, Italy.

Almost all part of the apartment is decorated with the combination of white walls and laminated wood floor. The duplex apartment plans, however manages to take up to three bedrooms and bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Every room utilize frosted glass wall to provide natural light while keeping the privacy of the residents. Everything in this apartment has a very simple and ergonomic design. It was not done without purpose, as the clients do want to have spacious room for their activities.

Let’s take a look at the living room design. The living room only utilizes an L-shaped sofa which is faced upon the wall-mounted television. The white sofa is combined with the black cushion and carpet to create a beautiful minimalist contrast upon the house. Still in the same room, we would be able to find a modern dining table with six chairs. At the corner of the living room, there is a modern kitchen with all white furniture and kitchen island.

The study room is located in the attic, which can be accessed through the wooden staircases as combined with glass balusters. The study room utilizes modern counter as desks. In terms of bedrooms, we can find them in the first floor.

Each bedroom is equipped with a modern bathroom. However, the bedroom and bathroom is only separated by a clear glass divider in order to keep the spaciousness of the apartment room. This duplex apartment plans designs has automated system with purports of energy saving.

Image By : JM Architecture

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