Simple Getaway Home: Simply Finding Your Home Away from Home

When you need to escape for a while from all your business and the crowd of the city, Getaway home can be best solution for you. The architect Robert M. Gumey has successfully completed this kind of house that further it is named as Becherer House.

This modern house is situated in Albemarle County, Virginia. This house has at least three pavilions which different landscape of picturesque autumnal site. Each pavilion has each own function of course. The main pavilion is used for living area such as living room and kitchen.

Becherer House is romantic getaway home since it is accentuated on the light. Besides only used artificial lights to liven up the room, the house use large glass windows so that the natural day light can be easily goes through the windows and then lighten up the room.

The use of glass materials is also beneficial to trap the heat from the sun light so that the room will have coy atmosphere. To add cozy feeling in the room, the architect use wooden materials such as wooden table, wooden cabinets, and wooden floor. Those can comfy you inside the house.

For the exterior design of the house, it looks simple yet elegant exterior design. It is really suitable for you who want to get peacefulness after the long day work. The cozy atmosphere of Becherer House can be found from the natural environment around the house. It is relaxing.

You can see green feel and you will get the atmosphere of urban area where you can leave you r laptop and your mobile phone for a while. The contemporary Becherer House will blossom in autumn where you can find the color around you changing.

Nice and comfortable is identical with this contemporary house. Peacefulness can be found here. If you reach this house, you are discovering your home away from home and you will be comfortable to live here.

Image By : Robert M. Gurney

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