Simple Modern Meditation Hut Surrounded by Refreshing Lush Forest

Within the silent and refreshing circumstances within a forest, this modern meditation hut is placed. It is simple in appearance with sunshine orientation. Curved hut with wooden material surely enhances the synchronizing idea between the nut and the natural circumstances.

Contrasting idea of color tone brings the striking appearance of this hut within the forest. Silent interior surely reveals the peaceful nuance for meditation. This peaceful nuance for both the outdoor and indoor the hut that makes it becomes the perfect place for meditating activity.

To make it fresh, this meditation hut design is built with the sunshine orientation. Glazed facade at the front heads toward the refreshing water of the pond. Entrance at the back is from wood with original color. Curved construction allows the spacious area within.

Contrasting color tone of black and wooden color emerges the striking object within the lush area within the forest. Warm nuance that comes from the sunshine gives you the spirit full nuance when doing the meditation. Peaceful nuance also supports your meditation to get the spirit that is needed.

Warm nuance within this hut comes from the wooden wall in original color tone. Rectangular interior in high vertical ceiling gives the airy interior with refreshing nuance of the forest that can be seen through the glazed facade. At the front, simple windows are made to the air circulation. The stairs design from the woods allows relaxing the body during the meditation activity. The peaceful and silent atmosphere fulfills this area with warm nuance of wooden interior decoration.

For supporting the meditation, the hut must be designed in peaceful design. The comfortable aspect must not be forgotten to please the people who are doing the meditation. Constructed within the forest with silent nuance, this hut becomes the perfect place to retreat.

Heads toward the refreshing pond, the meditation is not only about the silent circumstances but also the refreshing natural circumstances. The modernity that is applied by it becomes an appropriate meditation hut plans for giving you the spirit full meditation with peaceful circumstances.

Image By : TDO Architecture

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