Simple Netherland House with Barn Style and Wooden Shutters

The Barn House Eelde is a beautiful Netherland house that been designed by Kwint Architects with 1,052 square feet area. This one is located in Eelde, Netherland. The beauty of this house is shown by its simplicity that might not able to be found in another place. This house is built on a spacious wooden boards area, among the green grass of Eelde. Triangular roof and boxed body are merged together to create a new wonderful living house. So, what’s more about this dwelling?

Here, we are now closer to the house. Can you see that? The building has two layers of the house body. The first one is wooden shutters which are able to be closed and opened. This shutter is covering all over the exterior area of the house, even the roof. Beside utilizing its common function, it seems like the designer also applied the shutter as decorations for the house too. What a beautiful Netherland house design!

A simple terrace inside the shutter area provides you some seats to enjoy your time. Black chairs with simple coffee table are provided there. Near that area, you can find two white lazy seats outside the shutter area. You can have your own private sunbathing times to spend your leisure effectively.

Towards the spacious garden, you can complete your wooden deck outside with an outdoor dining set like what you can see in this picture. However, do not forget to furnish your interior as well as you decorate the exterior to support your living area.

The living room of this house has a brown patterned sofa with big cushions. A black rug lies on the wooden floor, from under the sofa up to near the fire pit. Transparent wall that this house has makes this area looks even more beautiful.

The shutter that is installed all over the building gives a certain effect and pattern to the building. If you want to see more about this house, you can see these pictures that are provided. Some Netherland house plans of this house are also available.

Image By : Kwint Architects

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