Simple Stone Brick among the Tropical Environment

Carla Juacaba creates stone brick home in the tropical forest of Rio de Janiero. The simple design on this construction has the bold brick walls flank the transparent home space. Flat wooden roof style in bright color makes the appearance of this building becomes the eye-catching among the nature greenery surrounding. Minimalist interior design sustains the inner space setting. Through the wide glass wall, the green view of the outside environment comes in helping the inside space lighting.

The mossy stone brick provides an ancient looking on the brick wall construction. This rocky wall also contributes making the temperature of the room nicer. Stepping on the timber log to get on the narrow home terrace, fine assembly of the wooden floor greets the feet nicely before entering the sliding glass door. Still on the same flooring material, the timber size of the room floor has the different with the terrace and the sense is sleeker than outside floor.

Dark brown of the wooden ceiling also keeps the elegant interior design in this small space. The walk in small wardrobe shares the space with the modern toilet over the local bamboo cane work door. The simple idea of this home reflects also in the furniture and properties. By the in-stone-wall fireplace, a snowy white bed cover covers the un-decorated sleeping place. The toilet space becomes the separator of the bedroom space and the sharing room.

Contemporary kitchen set fills the corner of the dining and sitting room. Wooden made furniture set acts as the dining table and long chairs while the living room is presented by bean bag bare sofa on the floor by the wardrobe wall. The rooftop provides the best place to enjoy the tropical forest. By stepping on the mossy stone brick stairs, the top place may give a fresh tropical forest air for refreshing.

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