Simple Ways How to Cool A Bedroom with Rich Wooden Furniture as Decor

Many people love to look for reference about how to cool a bedroom in home decoration. One of the designs is about the bedroom in the swimming pool design. This bedroom is designed in the middle of the swimming pool. The room decoration is like the hidden island.

In this room design, people can enjoy their swimming before getting sleep, or vice versa. The color combination in this room has the blue color for the swimming pool that describes the water color, and the white color for the bed. The bed design has the simple style with some study table besides the bed.

The different bedroom design is about white-black theme. In this room, the planner designs the room with white-black color of the furniture and accessories. The architect choose Dalmatian motive for the color. This Dalmatian color is used for bed linen and for the lamp desolation.

The rest furniture color is white color that gives elegant and clean room. For the room furniture, the architect gives the dressing table with some shelf that faces to the window. This position will give the sunlight for the room. Besides this room, people used to know about how to keep upstairs cool.

There are many ways to keep the upstairs clean and has cool design. In some cases, the upstairs room may be designed with nature style which has rich wooden furniture. People can design the wooden bed furniture with the classic shape. It is also happens to the seat beside the bed. For the room decoration, people may give the antique ceiling to get the sunlight in the room. Although it is just simple ceiling, the wooden style will perfect it and make it looks nice.

Besides the room decoration, people used to build the room with the balcony. In this balcony will complete the room decoration because people can see the outdoor panorama from this room. In another case, people will get the different ways about how to cool down upstairs, but they can use it in the same ways for both of rooms.

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