Sophisticated Hotel Architecture of Areias do Seixo in Portugal

Here is once more a sophisticated hotel architecture that we can take as inspirations. The hotel is called as the Areias do Seixo. It is one of the modern hotels that are located in A-dos-Cunhados, Portugal.

The architect created this hotel as sophisticated and dealing to the elegant interior decorations. We will find also the interior design in combination of rusticity and also lovely mixture. It combines the neutral color palettes with the bright one. What is actually the design? Here we are!

Look at the pictures related to the hotel design of Areias do Seixo. The front view of this hotel architecture design is designed in spacious. They make the name of the hotel on orange board after the stone pebbles blocks. There is infinity swimming pool and the deck in neutral color palettes. There are also some black lounge seats applying.

Going inside, the wall architecture design is made in neutral palettes by accomplishing the brown mixture of the floor to ceiling design in same. The door is designed made of oak wood in rustic style. After the door, we will find a great and unique chandelier in purple lampshade with some textured lampshade. It looks so elegant.

How is about the further decoration? Now let’s see the lobby. It is place where we will find a rustic seat made of oak wood in neutral palettes. It is decorated by some small unique lights based on stones. There is also bright red and yellow pattern rug applied on the neural floor.

When looking at the bedroom, we will also get elegance. It comes with the white bed on oak wood couch as rustic. Some white pillows are applied in the room. Near from the bed, we will find great chair with leopard texture pattern. The wall head is decorated with some elegant ornaments and love symbols.

Those designs are included as great decorations. The hotel really know about the design and the way to make the guest satisfied. Seen from the design, actually the combination of rustic and elegant style can be so well matched. Now, how is about hotel architecture design concept that you will choose?

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