Sophisticated Modern Floor Lamp Giving Stunning Look for Interior

Being adjusted to the modern lifestyle, now Belgium-based Stal Collectief shows their new design of modern lamp. Perhaps, when you get confused to find the unique floor lamp, this is the best choice to take. It is the stylish lamp named the Eliz Lamp. Unlike common lighting fixtures which are slim, small, and cute, it is performed in a large size, perhaps very big for the size of decorative lights. Are you curious what the lamp is like? Let’s see the details.

This modern floor lamp is just wonderful to decorate your room. Its extraordinary shape makes everyone amazed seeing such beauty. The stunning characteristic is on the lampshade which is like a big umbrella covering the light. Actually it looks simple, but the designers should have high carefulness in making it.

Look at the pieces of birch plywood; they are crafted very well vertically to create the frame. Thin metal base simply support the lamp. Black synthetic lampshade is for the finish that is sewn in beautiful cross pattern. The shade can be changed into veneer or Plexiglass for outdoor setting.

Meanwhile, the top side is just open, purposed to let the artificial light coming out to the ceiling as well. When the light turned on, it produces cozy and calm ambience inside the house. Even though its light doesn’t spread out to the entire side of the room, it succeeds to illuminate the site underneath. Reading will be interesting using this lamp. You can also use it in your relaxation while sitting on the bench or lying down on the sofa.

The existence of the Eliz Lamp adds the reference for interior design. Besides its functional use, the lamp makes the room more decorative and artistic. Its contemporary style is very appropriate for restaurant, waiting room, hotel, and even the living room in modern architecture. However, the room’s capacity should be spacious. This contemporary floor lamp contains sophistication and elegance at once.

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