Sophisticated Modern Holiday House for Spending Your Summer Holiday

Talking about modern holiday house will lead your mind to think about the private place where you can escape for a while from city rush and you can enjoy your coffee while watching favorite TV program without any disturbance around you.

The complete facility and service will also help you to relax yourself after working for so long. If you need holiday house which offers high class service and your jet set living style, the best choice for you is Chateau St Tropez. So, what can we get from this contemporary house design?

Well, it can be surely said that Chateau St Tropez is one of the best modern holiday house designs with high class standard. This house can be lived by 16 guests. There are 8 suites here. There is also helicopter that is always ready to pick you up from the airport.

This sophisticated holiday house also has lounge area, private terrace, balconies, marble bathroom, and you can easily find dressing room also. How complete this house is. In the large courtyard, you can find rectangular swimming pool. This is exclusive swimming pool, featured by resting chairs.

Let us move inside this elegant house and start with the living room. The living room in this house looks so luxurious. It is accentuated by the use of all white color. Here you can find all white furniture white sectional sofas and white throw pillows combined with glossy black round table. Crystal chandelier lamps look so elegant floating above. To add the cozy atmosphere to the living room, the room designer put bucketful of flowers in vases.

It is also interesting to see the bedroom. Well, Scandinavian design characteristics can be clearly seen here. The combination of black and white color added by the splash of red color in the bed sheet and throw pillows is really identical will Scandinavian room design. If you are interested in this modern holiday home decor, you need to pay more to have it.

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