Sophisticated River House Design Brings Back Nature Atmosphere

Living at Virginia, so you must be familiar with Rappahannock River which becomes one of the beautiful tourism place, and you can find what’s more the river house design to wake you up welcoming an astounding river views. Designed flawlessly by Ziger/Snead Architects, this river house is standing beautifully on steel structure and sliding glass doors to get the beautiful view. Moreover, this house also takes much rich wood furnishing in order to give the warm and comfortable feeling inside.

Designed in modern concept, this house is not only giving the beautiful view of river, but also perfection service from river house design idea feels so great. Enjoying the days here inside and outside are available for the space.

Enjoying in outside, we are prepared by beautiful open living plan in simple design. A couple of chairs and wooden table is enough. The house was built in rectangular concept. It is almost covered by glass wall, that is why we can keep catching the beauty of wonderful river everywhere we are staying.

Moreover, when the morning and evening come, we can keep getting beautiful sunrise from the backside, and we can get wonderful sun set from the opposite. In beautiful living space, we can find modern furniture, which is prepared there. Beautiful red furniture looks so nice in this room. nature elements appear on wooden wall. It looks so great, and it must be one of the great room for collecting beautiful moments with family.

Let’s move to other room. Sophisticated interior design in master bedroom looks so nice. It is not about beautiful view, which appears on the sliding glass door, but beautiful pattern on bedroom looks so sweet. Pale wallpaper with pale curtain are ready to bring you in beautiful dream.

Moreover, beautiful view gives fresh feeling. This perfection is not enough; we can get other perfection on beautiful kitchen. Designed in modern concept, it must be favorite room for your wife. Here you find a beautiful river house design ideas for spending your time.

Image By : Ziger/Snead Architects

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