Sound Mountain House with Woods Elements

DPR residence is an urban mountain house that is a project of extends and renovates a house that formerly was built in 1960. This house that is re-designed by Method Design Architecture is completed in September 2010.

It is situated on an oblique land that is surrounded by pine trees and luxuriant grass with beautiful natural stones in Pound Ridge town, Westchester County, New York, USA. That condition makes this house is a great place for relaxing and enjoying the natural environment that still have the natural and fresh air circulations.

This house is designed with modern style that is combined with natural environments. It has unique shape mountain house design that collaborate the materials of cement fiber as the wall on the upper side of the exterior and cedar woods as the lower porch wall, entrance stairs, and also the windows frames that is patched on cement fiber sides. Cedar woods are also used in the terraces of this house as the terrace wall and flooring with combination of rusty iron ceilings.

Woods are still used inside the house. In the living room, this space that uses wooden flooring with white painted wall and white ceiling is completed with white furry rug and slight rectangle coffee table. They are combined with grey sectional sofas with wooden shelves that are patched permanently on a side of wall to place books and many kinds or decoration with glass wall between the shelves to optimize the natural lighting.

Wood floorings are used almost entire the house. In the kitchen, wooden floor is combined with dark brown tiles floor in the lower section. But woods are used here as the kitchen furniture sides with modern stools. The same nuances could be seen in the bedroom.

Wooden floor is combined with white painted bed frame which is overlooking to the sliding glass door that connects to outdoor area. But different look is applied in the bathroom. Instead the bathroom in this modern mountain house uses natural dark stone tiles to cover the space with glass wall and wooden sink frame.

Image By : Method Design Architecture

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