Spacious Artist Studio Design with Striking Rustic Style

The contemporary Art Warehouse project is purposively designed and built for an artist studio. Built in Boeotia, Greece, this studio is designed to provide a spacious room indoors for the artist to work freely. Its architectural design, along with the exterior design, is really fantastic. Simple but unique, this contemporary studio is also designed with cozy mezzanine where the artist may rest well.

Let’s start exploring this contemporary studio from its exterior first. Displaying the simple vault roof, this artist studio design may rook really stunning but unique from the pedestrian walkways. This unique impression is also emphasized by the use of rustic wood element. Looking really rustic, the simple yet unique architectural design has created the wonderful stunning impression that will make this studio appears less rustic.

When you look at the landscape where this contemporary studio built, you will find a beautiful harmony. The rusted wooden exterior has successfully helped this contemporary studio blends beautifully with the surroundings. It is because of the concrete landscape with green plants and trees that will match the rusted exterior perfectly.

Even though this contemporary studio appears to be perfectly shut from the public, the interior still celebrates the natural light indoors. You can see the glass windows accenting the wooden exterior of this studio. However, the most essential feature is this fascinating glass walls on the front side, which serves as entrance to this studio while allowing the abundance of natural light.

Walking into this studio, you will find the generous use of wood element for the rustic interior as well. The vaulted roof design perfectly provides the abundance of available space for this studio, thus making this one is really spacious and cozy to work. Modern floating staircase is employed as part of this artist home studio design and tucked neatly on the wall space, connecting to the cozy mezzanine that is cleverly added to take the advantage of tall wall space.

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