Spacious Concrete Home Inspired by KM House

This concrete home guarantees much tranquility feeling as well as spacious impression for you. Accomplished by Estudio Pablo Gagliardo, the KM House appearance looks so stunning while blending with the surrounding natural green grass lawn. The dark brown varnished wooden fence delivers the striking outward show to the grey house facade. This KM House which is situated in Rosario, Argentina mainly combine the concrete, wood and also glass material to impress the classic atmosphere.

The prefabricated wooden frame is arranged at the side of the house intentionally to cover the outer look to the house inside directly. Yet, the habitant can still enjoy the scenery outside since the entire house applies the glass wall that is reinforced with steel frame. The patio also designed that can be the place to enjoy the free time. You even may spend your time there while reading books or only having a cup of tea or coffee.

This concrete home construction looks very firm since the mast of the building is inculcated into the ground. An outside infinity pool is also organized at the back side of the house which is furnished with cozy pool lounge. You may get the shady impression in this lounge area through the concrete cantilever. Do not forget to plant some ornamental plantation in vivacious vase near the pool hence it will look lovelier.

The dining space is deliberately designed with open space concept that is place around the pool area. It will makes your meal time never becomes boring at all. To create a warm nuance, the architect also arranges the wooden ceiling and completes it with stylish built in lamp and pendant light made of metal.

The furniture application inside the house mainly adapts the cheerful nuance through selecting colorful furniture. This concrete home construction design is very unique and matches for you who love the rustic look living space.

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