Spacious Modern Attic Apartment Hides Roseate Private Space

The artistic ceiling inside modern attic apartment beside is very colorful with dark blue and yellow paints. In addition, this room also decorated with white paint color on the floor and cladding. Great glass walls are framed with steel and look very amazing. In the middle point, it has classic fireplace design and use stone mantel. Modern white sofa also arranged afore the fireside and make it warm with natural light and furnace.

On the classy wall shaped, there are some photographs which reflect some characters. Black tufted bench completes the white long sofa set and some flowery cushions set make it enliven. The grand walls are shows the great views outside. Classic Victorian house and old styled house which has castle building design.

The decorations are not only develops old styled attic apartment ideas in some spots there are modern styles as well. For example the bedroom that adorned with fresh blue carpet and bright white wall paint. It is also arranged the contemporary cabinet and wooden platform bed with single bed mattress.

It looks that the living space is deliberately designed without room separator to make it wide and free. Black piano also makes this room elegant full with amazing facilities. From the family room there is a reddish painted wall that secured with beige door color.

Above the door the large painting that painted with oil paints are very abstract. Golden bicycle art is drawn on the white fireplace cladding. This loft also provides luminous hall that filled with photographs. All of the photographs seem to be very meaningful and tell about something.

Actually the red painted wall is used for family room or private room that’s why it is protected with door. The pinkish wooden bookshelves attached on the wall and face the pink leather sectional sofa. Modern attic apartment design ideas are very unpredictable with different interior theme.

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