Spacious Modern Home for Big Family

This luxurious modern home is located in Singapore. This house was designed by Formwerkz Arhitects to fulfill the clients’ interests in creating a living space which could accommodate the needs of each family members. Since Asian has been long known for the habit of multi generation living, the architect tries to create a large space through three layers of building. The house is purports to accommodate the needs of a big family, whenever the kids decide to reside with their parents.

Since the house is projected to be a long term house, it accommodates different design in each story. The first story of this modern home design is separated into two different buildings.

The first building is the main building, meanwhile the additional building is designated as the guests room. In between those rooms, we can find a lap pool. The second floor is treated as a different house too. It serves as a different house but is still integrated within one building.

Several additional room can be found within this spacious house, namely the movie theater, personal library, gym, gaming room, home office, as well as an art studio. This house is also equipped with an open garden in the third floor. In terms of outdoor, the residents would be spoiled with the lap pool. In the poolside, the residents would find several semi outdoor arena which can be utilized to enjoy its surrounding nature.

The house is made out of the combination between concrete wall and wooden panel. The wooden panel is used to cover the outdoor’s floor. Additionally, wooden slats are also utilized to cover the house’s balcony. The balcony is accompanied with floor made out of stone, glass balusters, as well as wooden hand rails. This modern home design plans is very suitable to accommodate the needs of a big Asian family.

Image By : Formwerkz Architects

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