Spacious Modern Residence with Beautiful Garden and Good Interior

The charming residence with modern residence is designed by Christopher Deam. The building of this house is square design. At the first picture, we can see that the windows and the doors are made of glass material with wooden frame in green color.

Inside the house, we can see that the floors are made of black tiles. The wall and the ceiling are painted in white color. There are some black chairs put in this room beside the square brown table. In the right side, we can see the black shelf. In the edge of the room, there is a black cabinet.

The small garden is also available in this modern tropical residence. There are many grasses, flowers, and also plants in this garden. There are also bamboos which are planted in the edge of the fence. There is small path made of stone in the garden. At the third picture, we can see black chairs which are put in the terrace. There is also a black table in the middle of the chairs. There are some pillows in red and beige color. The floors color in this terrace is white.

In the room, you can see that the floors are made of black tile. The walls are painted in black color but the other walls also painted in white color. The ceiling is made in high size in white color. There is a painting put on the wall with white background.

There is a white chair put near the window and also a white chair put near the wall. In the kitchen, we can see a black shelf winch is used to save microwave and other things. There is also square table made of wooden material with black chairs around the table. There are three chandeliers hanging on the wall with black lampshade.

This kitchen decoration looks elegant. It can be looked at the sixth picture. The using of the white and black paint used on the wall does not make the kitchen looks bade. To make the kitchen does not dark, there are some built- in lamps put on the ceiling. This modern tropical concept with elegant interior and beautiful garden can be built in many countries.

Image By : Christopher Deam

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