Spacious Retreat Home Applies Prefabricated Concrete Frame

Located close to the Mountain Tinbeerwah, Brisbane, Australia, this warm retreat house guarantees you a top level of tranquility as well as comfortable atmosphere while you spend your time in here. The Tinbeerwah Residence is indeed planned carefully so the house construction can blend with the nature vividly. Mainly, the prefabricated concrete frame with wooden coating applies for the house facade. It directly extends you the contemporary impression even at a glance.

The architect, Richard Kirk, intentionally does not explore the house design too much to create the minimalist impression. This mountain retreat home plans will not ever get the overheating atmosphere since the lush tree surrounding the house may shade it all day long. There is a rocky path as the access for you to reach the house. In the meantime, the spacious green grass lawn may become the space for the owner to hold many private parties, both in large or small scale.

To deliver the bright nuance for the house inside, the architect then applies the glass wall and door surrounding the house facade. It enables the habitants as well to enjoy the refreshing landscape directly without any hindrance. There is also a wide enough outside pool that furnish with pool lounge. Furnish the lounge with cozy furniture so you can enjoy your spare time in delightful moment there.

When we observe the house inside, we can see a spacious space that may be organized for the living room and dining area. The kitchenette space is also available there so you can serve your meal directly to the dining hall without walking too far.

No one will reject the idea that the cooking space is really wonderful as it may bring a lot of pleasure ambiance when we cook by looking at the outside green scenery through the glass wall. This modern mountain retreat house plans also provide a special place to plant the fresh ornamental plantation so you can adorn your house so much.

Image By : Richard Kirk

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