Spanish Hotel Interior Concept with Simple and Classic Design

If you need to spend your holiday in a great hotel with a dazzling hotel interior, maybe this one is the most appropriate for you. This Spanish hotel named The Caro hotel is designed by Francesc Rife with 5-star quality. The architectural and furnishing is classic yet so beautiful. Located in Valencia, Spain, this hotel provides you 26 different rooms to stay. How beauty is the hotel? Let’s go and check it out.

Start from the social room: the dining area. There are some kinds of sitting rooms available in this hotel. You can choose which one will fit you, the outdoor one, or the indoor. The outdoor is placed in an area with triangle shape, completed with wooden flooring.

Some black chairs and simple coffee tables are provided. In the indoor, you can find similar furnishing to support the visitors’ coziness. More about the hotel interior design is the restaurant. How does it look like?

Here, we are in the simple restaurant. The tables are varied, squared and rounded. All are covered with white table clothes from up to bottom. Surround those tables are some black dining chairs with arms that offer you comfort to the max. The design is very simple.

The wall is grey, and the floor is soft grey. Take a look at the beautiful gapped ceiling that made from black wooden blocks, also take a look at the stony wall over there. Beautiful! Inner, you can get your table covered by concrete roof if you don’t like too much sun shines shine on you.

To take you to the upstairs, this amazing hotel built you a classic staircase from white marble stones! Can you imagine that? Walking downstairs and upstairs just like a princess in a fairy tale. Perfect, isn’t it? The upper level has varied bedroom.

For example is this one. A simple double bed near the window could take you to a good sleep. Stony and unfinished impressions given by the walls are really perfect. For more hotel interior design ideas, you can get them by yourself in the pictures provided here.

Image By : Francesc Rifé Studio

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