Special Contemporary Residence Look: Vienna Way Residence

There are some amazing contemporary residence designs that able to make people leave classical design and change their mind into more modern space setting. Those superb modern style home designs are the houses that equipped with perfection of modern value, they have no flaw.

There are some wonderful contemporary living space designs that able to do it and one of those houses is this Vienna Way Residence. This superb contemporary living space design is developed by Marmol Radziner and this 4,100 sq.ft home design is located in Venice, California. This is indeed the house that can become the example hoe modern home design should looks like.

The contemporary residential building of this house is one of so many things that make this astonishing contemporary living space design so special. Take a look at the simplicity and the beauty of the architectural design that use in this house; it is perfect, isn’t it.

In the matter of material selection, the majority of this home structure is manufactured by using concrete material. There are also some glass materials that use in the windows design that substitute most of the exterior wall part, this house is panoptic home design.

Since this house use so many glass materials in the exterior wall, the inner part of this perfect contemporary living space design is very important for the beauty of the house. That is why this house is equipped with such beautiful interior setting. Take a look at the kitchen design. It is a highly minimalist kitchen design that surrounded by glass window, you will able to see the outside area while cooking.

The greatness of this gorgeous contemporary living space design lies in the simple composition between exterior and interior area. Contemporary residence design in Venice, California is something that can become such a great example of how modern house design should be, indeed.

Image By : Marmol Radziner

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