Special Environmentally Conscious Home in Venice

You are currently facing an article about environmentally conscious home. It is about a project named Brooks Avenue house that is located in Venice, California, USA. It was designed by Bricault Design. You shall see the pictures of the project available here.

Firstly, you are facing the image of the house that is seen from a certain angle here. The building construction here looks good. You see, like the name of the design, you shall see that this project has green decorations. They are applied in some spots of the house building.

You can find a nice panel with plants and also the ground as the instance. You shall see some plants as well. They are placed on some spots of the floor available here. See also environmentally friendly home.

Secondly, here you can see the house seen from a longer angle that enables you to see the house clearer. You see that this one is such an inspiring project of a house with green decorations. Well, you know that this house design also has plants on the attic.

Seen from here, the plants look various. Well, as you notice the building construction, you can find that this house is designed with nice square shape from the front. There is a place like garage as part of the building.

Thirdly, you shall see two images with of the house; the first one is about the house glanced from a bit far distance from a bit high angle. You can find on the attic that it has a tall tree like a coconut tree. There is an area with metal fences.

From this angle, you can see the house building with more constructions upon the attic that is interesting. The last image of this last paragraph is about an area of the house with much greenery applied in some spots. You can find grassy area as well. Find environmentally friendly home plans, too.

Image By : Bricault Design

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