Spectacular Contemporary House with Natural Nature

Building a vacation house in contemporary house style needs to have good location such as in the mountain or near the beach. The vacation house in the New Zealand is located in the beautiful scenery of mountain. The designer of this house is Fearon Hay Architects.

The building of this house is built with square house design. The walls exterior is painted in black color. There is a spacious terrace beside the house. In the edge of the terrace there is a fire place made of bricks in white color with square shape.

The floors of the terrace are made of wooden material in natural color of wood. There is glass material that is used as the walls in the contemporary house design. We can see black furniture that is cabinet which is put inside the house that can be seen from outside house.

The glass material is also used to make a door. The ceilings are painted in white color. There are black frame used on the ceilings. The floors are made in sleek tile. There is a table set in white color which is put in the room. In the edge of the room, there are black shelves.

The using of the glass material makes us look the furniture that is used inside the house. THE using of the transparent glass material makes the room become brighter. It is also make the house looks elegant. The doors in this house are made of wooden material in black color. There are some doors used beside the house. The function of this door is to reduce the sunlight. These doors are also combining with dark glass material.

There are stairs used in front of the house in long shape. The sitars are made of wooden material. Beside the house, we can see that there are many trees. The trees make the atmosphere in the house become fresh and cool. This modern contemporary house design is suitable built in tropical country.

Image By : Fearon Hay Architects

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