Spectacular Sea House Design with Breathtaking View at Qualia Resort

Some people dreaming to make the sea house design. With this kind of house, you will be able to enjoy the sea scenery whenever you want. If you are sea lovers, this will become a good treatment for the body and mind. Every time you wake up in the morning, the fresh atmosphere will be felt after that. Now, we will discuss about amazing sea resort that will surprise you. This resort has location in the Hamilton Island, near the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

The architect who made this seaside house design was Chris Beckingham, an architect that comes from Australia. The name of this project is the Qualia Resort. This place is so breathtaking with amazing-awesome sea view.

If now you are arranging a vacation, just put this resort on your list because this place won’t regret you! The villa has concept of elegant and luxurious decoration that is blended with the nature. Besides having a good service of villa, you also have unforgettable eyes treatment!

The decoration is also completed with some masterpieces. The Freedman Rembel and Dennis Nona contributed in this sea resort. They made the nature concept for the room designs and styles. There are outdoor swimming pools with different angle.

You can choose where to swim at the place where you want to enjoy. The building is constructed in many of wood and glass material. Concrete is also used in this resort place. Almost each room is connected to the outdoor scenery. You can relax for every moment wherever you want.

Open room design becomes the decoration ideas there. The surrounding environment is arranged to mix with the nature. Greenery decoration and trees are grown aroung its courtyard. This create an awesome landscape with the sea view. Even when you are going to sleep, you will be able to see the outdoor scenery too in this seaside house design ideas because of the wide windows installation in the bedroom.

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