Splendid Chinese Architecture in an Old City of Heritage Site

It is a splendid Chinese architecture design of Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort in China. The old-fashioned design comes from the ancient building style and the surrounding scene. Mountainous range of Lijiang landscape enhances this hotel luxury.

Modern and old construction model is perfectly combined within artistic design. Ornamental curvy roof presents the strong Chinese building accent. Contemporary swimming pool brings the new touch inside the classic world theme. Symmetric construction structure becomes the main demeanor of Chinese cultural building.

Bold tube pillars strengthen the character of archaic Chinese architecture style in housing. In this resort, combination of recent material model sustains the old model pillars. Natural trees make up the stony scene to have green and fresh view. Hyaline pool reflects the modernity of the exterior design. Natural stone neatly paved covers the open space flooring. Obviously, this mixture looks so elegant and breaks the monotonous of old architecture.

Oriental atmosphere fills the interior design of this classical resort. Furniture set styles also supports the local glamour. The interior has playful contemporary and old-designed decorations. Red acts as the dominant tint to touch up the interior setting.

It seems that red is Chinese favorite color.Traditional lantern shape gets the transformation touch within recent day style but still radiates the old realm illumination. Grayscale pictures balance the oriental ambiance and give the brand new theme decors.

Bedroom is set in open space concept. Old-fashioned wooden sliding door allows the air to fill up the room and lets the sun radiance warming the indoor atmosphere. Full of recent model bathing furniture, the bathroom has a minimalist idea invading this space.

Modest style of bathtub and sinks carry the Chinese custom away. So do the sitting room, only the rug motif has the Chinese touch, the other furniture shows the new design seat. However, it still helps this ancient Chinese architecture style to be a comfortable and cozy place for every guest.

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