Splendid Contemporary House Presenting Beach View

The beautiful contemporary house we are about to enter is located in Newport Beach, California, USA. This house was designed by Laidlaw Schultz Architects, a California based architectural studio. This house offers endless pleasure since it also offers everlasting sunshine. Besides, the residents could also indulge themselves with beautiful sunset view on the beach. Such scenery can be seen from the upper part of the house.

At a glance, this house is covered by concrete wall. However, it employs wooden slats doors in its front garage. This contemporary house design is also protected with stone materials employing rustic design.

At night, the house looks outstanding since the floor lamp would create dramatic lights and shadows as reflected by the stone fence. Lights are also integrated along the entrance’s ceiling. This ceiling integrated lamp tries to provide light towards the entrance hall.

Let’s move to the house’s back part. In the back yard, we can find a modern swimming pool. On the pool side, there is a single seating area. Additionally, we can also find an outdoor living room as protected by the shadow of the roof.

The seating room employs two L-shaped sofas and a modern coffee table. All are colored in white. The pool’s side, however, employs ceramic tile which has grey color. There also is two lounge chairs in case the residents want to do sunbathing.

The house’s living room is integrated with the dining room and kitchen. Marbles are employed inside the room to give even more luxurious accent towards the house’s interior. The living room for example, employs marble floor as combined with marble surface placed above it, near the fire place. The house’s kitchen island is also made entirely out of marble. This contemporary house design plans presents beautiful sunset view from the dining room’s glass wall.

Image By : Laidlaw Schultz Architects

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