Splendid Country Hotel with Magnificent Panorama

A stunning landscape view with a hilly characteristic is provided in this country hotel which can be found in Maranza, Italy. The hotel was designed by the genuine minds of designers from Bea Interiors architecture studio. Located in the middle of an open hilly landscape with mountains view and lush vegetation, this hotel is suitable to become your holiday destination in all seasons. Therefore its name becomes ClimaHotel that gives you magnificent panorama in all year round.

The designers of the hotel are trying to preserve the harmony with the nature by applying sustainable materials on this house. The use of timber, stone and, wool shows the ecological concern of the hotel which is situated in the country side of Gitschberg.

Those elements become the main view of the hotel exterior and the hotel interior design. The timber fills the view of its exterior with its light blonde color. From the outside, the appearance of the lounge of this country restaurant hotel that uses timber as element also can be seen.

The interior of this hotel is really furnished with wooden furniture and wooden decor. Take a lounge room as the example. This room has brown wooden floor combined with the white ceiling supported by white concrete poles. This roomis packed with some wooden rocking chairs in grey color.

There is also a row of wooden seating furniture that lining the walls. On top of that seating some throw pillows with various modest pastel colors adorn the seating spot. The wooden walls also surround this room. All of those features create a warm atmosphere inside this comfy room.

The hotel also has airy room formed by the use of open walls and also glass walls that surround most of its exterior. The huge amount of those glazed walls makes the room inundated with brightness and thus it arouse the nuance of spacious room inside this hotel. Based on all of the above characteristics, county hotel is a perfect place to be your holiday destination that provides you with magnificent panorama.

Image By : bea interiors

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