Splendid Modern Apartment with Stylish Interior Design

If you are currently looking for an inspiration for your modern apartment interior, this one in 76 Crosby Street will be a great one for you. Located in SOHO, one of the most prestigious areas of Lower Manhattan, New York City, this living space certainly knows how to blend functionality and comfort with style. As if its interior is not quite comforting, this apartment provides ultra cozy outdoor space that is wonderfully designed to make it as an ideal living space.

Let’s start exploring this New York apartment from its outdoor space first. Designed with cozy terrace, we find how hard to believe that this outdoor living space part of this modern apartment design. We really adore the wooden pergola that will deliver the coziness thoroughly. As to make this terrace feels even cozier, the comfortable seating is placed. As if the warm wooden tone is not comforting enough, you can see how this outdoor space is designed with small green garden.

The greeneries in this small yet totally refreshing outdoor space serve greatly as buffer to protect the privacy of its residents. The lush greeneries wonderfully build the fresh atmosphere flowing throughout this outdoor space. As to take the full advantage of this fresh atmosphere, you can see how this apartment is also equipped with outdoor kitchen space and Jacuzzi. This way, you can see how this outdoor space can be a great place for summer times, including for summer party with friends.

Walking into this apartment, you will be greeted by the bright and airy impression. It is all because of the choice of bright color for this apartment interior. Thus, you can see how exciting the interior would be with only a punch of bright color.

In this living room, as you can see, you will find the hint of bright red color that contrasts the bright interior perfectly. Instantly chic and stylish, this modern apartment interior design really knows how to look fabulous effortlessly.

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