Splendid Resort Design with Snowy Backdrop

Located in the skiing arena, this resort design would definitely be the perfect choice if you are going to spend your holiday in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. This resort house was designed by Florian Busch Architects for a client who wished to have a beautiful home with amazing scenery. This holiday home, however, was not intended for all year time usage. It would mostly be used in the winter, where the house also manages to present the beautiful scenery of Mount Yotei.

In winter time, the house would entirely be covered by snow. Therefore, the resort design concept utilizes hardwood material to provide shelter for its residents. Hardwood is a very good material to preserve heat inside the house. It would be very useful to keep the residents safe and warm inside the house. It also makes a great structure against the wind or snow storm. The house’s interior, however, is also covered again by another layer of concrete wall.

This house provides the residents with two story building. the first level of the building is utilized to accommodate private rooms inside the house, such as the bedroom, guest room, and bathroom. Meanwhile, the upper part of the house is utilized to accommodate kitchen, dining, living room, as well as the terrace. This house would also present you with the beautiful view of Mount Yotei from the transparent facade employed in almost every part of the room.

Let’s take a look at the living room design. The living room employs hardwood flooring as combined with warm and comfortable rug. This part of the house is equipped with the L-shaped sofa and a coffee table made out of wood. On the back of this sofa, we can find a wooden dining set too. The kitchen itself has counters made out of concrete materials, combined with wooden drawers. The kitchen in this resort design architecture is also equipped with bar stools.

Image By : Florian Busch Architects

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