Staggering Building Photos from Ground View

The following building photos that we are about to see are presented by French photographer, Romain Jacquet-Lagreze. He made the photo collection because he was impressed at how the building are made and placed next to one another in the city of Hong Kong. By looking at this beautiful artworks, we can learn several important things while enjoying the contrasting view provided by different photos. Such photos would also like to collaborate the skyscraper view and the sky.

The very first photo is taken in a crowded residential area. In this building photos gallery, you can see the building structure looks very simple and traditional. Each room in this residential building is equipped with an outdoor patio which can be utilized to dry the residents’ clothes.

Each building is covered with different color of painting. The first building, for example, adopts green color to paint its outdoor. Meanwhile, the other building is painted in red. The color differentiation is also intended to provide ease towards the building’s name.

The other photo is taken during the winter. The photographer placed his camera under a tree, giving such a dramatic impression upon the picture. The image shows two contrasting buildings which are placed across one another. The building in one of the road side adopts traditional and old design. Several part of it also left abandoned. Meanwhile, the other building adopts contemporaries by employing glass panels and hiding the air conditioner exhaust.

Some modern building employs reflecting glass, which can also be treated as a mirror. This building feature would be able to reflect the face of Hong Kong’s building. Not all photos are taken outdoor. This following photo, howe
ver is taken from the front part of the elevator. As we can see, the building has a round shape in its inner part. It also has a transparent facade on the top, allowing the sun to comes through it. This building design photo gallery shows inspiring image of skyscrapers.

Image By : Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

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