Staggering Mansion Design: Perfect Getaway Choice

You have to be lucky enough to enjoy the following mansion design. This mansion goes for rent at USD 3500 per night. The mansion is called Sunset Plaza Mansion. It is located in Los Angeles, California. Such lavish holiday getaway was designed by David Lawrence Gray Architects. Each room of this mansion has different kind of design. Some part of it has a beautiful and classical design. Meanwhile, the other part of the apartment employs electrical modern design.

The luxurious impression can be seen from the mansions’ front part. From the front part of this mansion, we can see that the middle part of the house has an additional pitched roof which looks like a castle. This mansion design plans comprise of two story building and an outdoor pool. The house itself maintains to have three bedrooms for the visitors. The pool is located in the house’s front part. It consists of a lap pool and an infinity pool.

Upon entering the house, we will be greeted by the hallway. This hallway is full of unfurnished design. This part of the house is also utilized as art gallery, there are many paintings hung along the wall. Each painting is enlightened by hanging lamps. The hallway would lead the visitors to the living room. This part of the room is also covered by stone floor. It is also decorated with modern fireplace placed inside a glass frame.

The upper part of this mansion, however, employs classical design. Let’s take a look at the bedroom design. This bedroom utilizes wooden floor as combined with ceramic tile. The bedroom exterior wall comprised of concrete wall as combined with glass panel. The glass panel enables the visitors to enjoy beautiful Los Angeles city scenery. This modern mansion design plans also employ transparent working room in the second floor.

Image By : David Lawrence Gray Architects

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