Stirring One Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans with a Pretty White Theme

Demonstrating about coziness and open plan concept, this white decoration could be named as one of the most stirring one bedroom apartment floor plans based on its smart arrangement and color implementation. Yes, white is spread all over the place and as a result it produces a very spacious and lucent ambiance. Some bright hues were also added as the best soul mate for the white. The arrangement of modest furniture apparently enhances the sense of comfy and peaceful.

Start from the small living room, white painted wall blends dramatically with wooden floor and white ceiling. The grey sofa and red armchairs appear very alluring along with small square white coffee table and grey fluffy rug. Near the living area, a modest dinning table and some wooden chairs were arranged perfectly.

This design really shows the best side of small one bedroom apartment floor plans. The kitchen might be the next element which presents a very tranquil and comfy aura through the combination of white cabinets, white painted shelves, wooden floor and white tiles for the wall.

For the bedroom, the decoration is still white and spacious. Two medium windows were developed in the right side and allows more natural lighting from the outside entering the room. White cupboard, white painted cabinet and white large bed become very affecting since they could blend melodiously with wooden floor. The bathroom also hypnotizes through its enchanting arrangement of white tiles, black marble floor and modest marble sink.

In the end, this illustration successfully presents a very engaging arrangement with white theme as the main creator in term of creating spacious and peaceful atmosphere. For any owner who haves small residence could consider this design as their reference since it provide some inspiration and new idea. This also could be mentioned as one of the most simple yet delightful small studio apartment floor plans based on its creative arrangement and decoration for each room.

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