Striking Renovation Design Ideas of House N

Maxwan has brilliantly formed striking and wondrous renovation design ideas for a house called House N in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The residence is a seaside dwelling which built in 1938, and the renovation form transforms it into more stirring figure with emphasize on some creative and peculiar features for instance alluring roof and captivating staircase with spiral as its shape. Actually the main reason of the renovation ideas was because the site of this dwelling gives a destructive effect through the salty sea weather.

Basically some elements of the house need a full renovation for instance roofs, basement, bedrooms, bathrooms, and windows. While other features in the home owners perspective, need an improvisation in term of size. This could be one of the most creative and innovative house renovation design ideas implementation, because both exterior design and interior design of those elements which should be replaced or re-added are very well-arranged.

The new concept of classy and elegant living room also emerges very impressive, since this room has new additional features of large glass windows and doors. Those modern windows and doors eventually produce more chances for the home owner to enjoy the beautiful outside scenery of green garden and breezy beach. Then back to the very attractive spiral staircase which demonstrate a very high innovation of design.

In the end this house really amazingly shows the beauty of modern house renovation, with conserving some existing old features, adding new elements and also combining some old accent with some new innovation. The main purpose of the project which is to maintain the quality of dwelling and decrease negative effect of the environmental harsh climate in its location was also successfully reached, beside the beautiful result of the renovation. Hence it would be nice to mention this design renovation as one of the most appealing and promising home renovation design ideas with contemporary style.

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