Strong Modern Residence with Delightful Minimalist Interior

When it comes to modern residence people often mixed it with minimalist concept as well. Modern style and minimalist style has several similar concepts that lead to less is more philosophy. What is it going to look like when these two amazing concepts combined into one home building design?

Look at these pictures that I have here. This is one modern residence design entitle The Me Too House created by LADAA. This modern residence was completed back in 2013 and located in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain.

The exterior design represents elegance in minimal details and of course with blurred connection within the outdoor environment. This house has clean lines and straight form typical of modern style, however, the blue shade from infinite swimming pool and green grass yard makes it more inviting and alive.

With concept deep relation with outdoor surroundings, the residence concept designed with loads of glass materials and an open plan floor. This two level structured modern residence has astonishing visual appeal with strong characteristic by the exterior sight. What is more interesting about this residence is the backyard. The contrast between rigid exterior with blue swimming pool and green grass are just incredible. Now let’s check into the interior.

The interior dominated by neutral color scheme with wooden tiles floor and white walls and ceilings. As said earlier, all of the glass materials were used to replace some of the concrete walls into glass walls.

Glass walls often used to allow natural sunlight comes in and make energy efficiency during day time, but this house has some kind of panel in front of the glass walls to prevent unbearable sun heat. If you’re looking carefully into this modern residence interior design, every section in this house embraces minimalist design concept with clean look, uncluttered interior and all-white interior as well.

Image By : LADAA

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