Stunning Beach House Architecture in Black Color

This beach house looks so stunning with black color. The black color brings elegant style for this house. The interior design is also dominated with modern furniture that looks perfect for this minimalist coastal house. Want to know more interesting facts about this beach residence? Check it out this article below for further information.

This house consists of two floors with the open area in the first floor. It looks so gorgeous with the green garden which is situated in the front of the house. The first floor has glass sliding door that can be closed or opened which creates the first floor stunning open area. There is also no partition for this room.

It creates wider space and cozy atmosphere for this floor. You can find living room in the corner of the room. The living room has cream couch which looks so comfortable for family gathering. Look how perfect these beach house plans for your whole family!

The next of the living place you can find mini dining area. It has round black table which is surrounded with three black chairs. These rooms also look awesome with many ceiling lamps which are spread along the ceiling. These lights have yellow lamp that create elegant style for this room atmosphere. You also can find stunning kitchen space in the corner of the room. This kitchen has white granite kitchen island which looks so gorgeous.

The architecture of the bathroom looks so stylish. Although the bathroom has small space but you can do some tips to resolve this problem. You can put mirror wall on the two side of the bathroom wall. The reflection can make your bathroom looks wider.

This bathroom also looks fancy with white bathtub which is set in the middle of the room. You also can hang unique pendant light in the black ceiling. The unique lamp can be the focal point of this bathroom and avoid the bathroom size. So, how do you think about this residence? Let’ ™s get these modern beach house plans for your own relaxing house!

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