Stunning Black And White House Design; Modern House for Modern People

Do you one of the people who adore black and white house design? If you do, you may have a look at inspirational black and white house completed by Suppose Design Office. The contemporary house is located in Otake to be approximately on high Plateau. There are two different parts in the house. How does this house look like? Let us see.

The Scenic residence has stunning black and white house exterior design. It looks so dashing and elegant outside. This modern black and white house faces the chic landscape of Kamei Park and the sea of Seto inland. Besides the elegant design outside, it also has unique bearing structures.

One that is interesting to see is the use of materials for its exterior design. The architect of the house covered the house with waterproof material. This material is rarely used in other house designs. The black and white exterior design then also matched with black and white interior design.

Talking about this residence interior design, we will begin to talk about minimalist black and white interior design. Black and white design also is identical with minimalist house design, elegant, and modern house design. They are all true. The interior design of this house is designed only in black and white color.

Here you can clearly see white wall, white floor, and white ceiling. Meanwhile, the black color comes from the furniture. The room designer put totally black furniture. Then the most important thing in this house design is the use of artificial light here. There many ceiling lamps that brightens up the room.

This house has also living space like kitchen and dining area, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The black and white house also has terrace. This spacious terrace can be the space for enjoying your tea while seeing the beautiful few of the house. Then, are you interested to spend your time in this modern black and white house design with your family?

Image By : Suppose Design Office

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