Stunning Concrete Home Building of GP House in Pachuca

The designs of concrete home building that we are going to review in this article are the designs of GP House. For some people, maybe we are not strange of this house. It is a concrete house that is spotted in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. The architect Bitar Arquitectos had created this house as contemporary house with specific characters. It is designed based on the various textured accents. They can be based on wood, stones, and concrete as the main materials.

Here are the designs ns of this GP House. The application of the concrete home building methods in this house creates the stunning looks of the house. It is a two-story house that is built in concrete outlining structure. The house is an opened plan house with glass construction for the facades. This house is located in middle of greenery and vast lawn. They come with some natural gardening system they also apply some comfortable lounge seats on the terrace near from the stones blocks.

The other scenes can be seen based on the interior structure. They apply several different rug patterns for each room with neutral ceramic floors. They will apply some unique furniture as we see in the spacious area. They apply a set of black leather sofa with unique black glossy chair and a precious glass table.

The other is the existence of ding area with white round porcelain table and two white chairs with a gorgeous chair with high backrest. The wall that is designed in neutral color palettes are stylized with some colorful wall photos and paintings such as in orange, grey and white and other color painting.

Based on the situation that will be gained in this article, we have some ideas to be taken. They are coming with stunning looks of the gap House. The house structures both exterior and interior design is designed in excellent designs. They will be the concrete home building techniques that are inspiring in this life.

Image By : Bitar Arquitectos

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