Stunning Contemporary House Design In Switzerland

There is a stunning contemporary house design, that is created by nimmritcher cda, we are willing to share to you our beloved readers in this edition. It is a three levels floor house that is constructed somewhere in Dietlikon, Switzerland. Our gallery below the text is waiting to be seen by you, which has many supporting pictures of this dazzling home design.

You can also compare this home with the one contemporary house design Australia that we just talked about in the last edition, which both of them is created by a well known architecture studio and firm in the country. Black and brown tones are the two tones that color the home design up, both for its exterior concept and also interior design.

Wooden facades is also applied for that both side, you will see wood clad with rare arrangement design for the exterior, while in the interior you will see solid wooden facades with its amazing natural tones and patterns.

You will see a black kitchen cabinet that is combined by some red tones on its wall design. This red make this open plan room looks attractive and not boring. In the basement, you will find a place for keeping your vehicle safe, it is a garage. And also a spacious storage room is installed there. Then when you are selecting the upper level of floor, you will find a spacious open plan room design that has living room, dining room and also kitchen in one place all together.

When you need to have some exercise while enjoying the fresh weather, you can spend your time in this infinity swimming pool area. It is installed with a wooden deck and some wooden furniture. Come and see these lovely contemporary house design plans pictures that we already uploaded them in our gallery below.

Image By : nimmrichter cda

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