Stunning Contemporary House Design with the Sea View

The Sea View House is impeccable contemporary house design which is created by Parsonson Architects. This modern house faced the botanical gardens of Wellington. This house has attractive effect with the two iron roof sections.

This contemporary house is located in strategic place surrounding by the sea with fabulous golden beaches, mountains, gardens, and the city. The house has everything completely. This two storey house is suitable for anyone who wants to refresh his mind and escape from city crowded but you do need to go to isolated place.

The Sea View House has modern house design on both exterior and interior design. The house looks so salient in the urban area. Although it is located in the urban area with many buildings around, the Sea View House has natural environment around.

Yea, the house is unique actually since it has two landscapes in two sides. In one side it has the view of city and in the other side it has the view of beautiful sea. This beach house is beautified by wooden materials. It looks so contrast with the other buildings around.

To create a harmonic interior design, the architects tried to create space for extended family. So each family member can connect each other easily in spacious space. Every room in this house is decorated amazingly. The rooms have picturesque view that can make the tenants feel comfortable to live in this house.

Completed with many elegant furniture combined with nature elements in it can create harmony in this interior design successfully. The combination can be seen from the use of metallic roof framing, wood, and also hardwood floor. Some elegant furniture such as leather sectional sofas and wool rugs furnish the house perfectly.

Everyone may be interested to live in Sea View House. Besides only the design of the house that can create cozy atmosphere, the strategic location is the other consideration. This is one of the best contemporary homes design created by Parsonson Architects.

Image By : Parsonson Architects

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