Stunning Eco House Design Ideas of Soleta Zero Energy One

FITS (Justin Capra for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies) was amazingly and creatively formed stunning eco house design ideas for a project house called Soleta Zero Energy One. This distinctive pro-environmental dwelling stands beautifully in Bucharest, Romania with its enchanting and extraordinaire figure. This is actually one of the eco project which emphasize on enhancing the number of self maintainable house.

The main concept and ideology of design for this residence is about decreasing energy losing, maximizing eco features, and implementing energy saving. While the artistic of the exterior design and interior design was still added in a very impressive form. The exterior appears very extraordinaire, warm and lovely, while the interior also emerges very beautiful, artistic and even voguish. However, back to the eco home design ideas concept which emerges very crucial for this residence, there are some core point of it. For instance implementing amazingly some renewable energy for instance solar, geo, wind, and hydro.

Furthermore, the next impressive and clever eco concept is about decreasing pollution through some natural elements such ass trees and another plants, and also garbage recycle. Then material also becomes a vital issue such as adding natural wood for some elements such as those sturdy ceilings, rouged frames, calm floors and classy walls, that would be very wise and showing high commitment toward eco theme of this residence design. While for furnishing, the furniture also emerge very alluring since those housing equipment are from well-developed choosing and consideration, which is about pro sustainable material of furniture.

In conclusion this house is become one of the most captivating and successful example of saving energy house prototype. Hence that would be very logic to mention this dwelling as a good reference of eco friendly house design ideas, and for any home owner who adore eco friendly themes could take some reference and considerations from this residence design and concept.

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