Stunning Glass House in Johannesburg

In this very chance, you are about to read an article about glass house example. Well, the design was designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects. It is situate in Johannesburg, in the country of South Africa. Glass material is not really applied with very much amount but applied in some spots of the house parts. You must be impressed with awesomeness available in this project. Just enjoy reading and observing the things offered by the house.

In the first picture here, you are facing an appearance of Glass House. It is such an amazing project that can simply indulge your eyes. You should take a look at everything available in this product because it has phenomenal phenomena. Well, here you are seeing a marvelous pond with glass walling; seemingly using round shape.

You can see the fishes available here. The pond is located in front of the building in the grassy area as the garden. You know that the building has awesome design that looks positively complicated as well. See also glass house design.

Moving to the second picture, you can see another water place here. It is certainly different from the pond talked about in the pond talked about in the previous paragraph. You see there is wood accent applied as the floor on the certain part. This is a swimming pool with small size but with amusing design. You can know that the pool has two tubs, the upper and the lower one. Having such design applied in our pool will be amazing surely.

The last picture taken here is about the house is a certain part in the interior design. You know, there are glass walls available in the place here. You can see indoor and outdoor places are seen here. Flawless parquet is used as the floor here. Find more ideas in glass house design plans, too.

Image By : Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

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