Stunning House Design that Wrapped with Contemporary Architecture in California

With a cube stacked style, this house design that constructed by John Maniscalco Architecture must be an excellent contemporary architecture that ever existed. It was located on San Francisco, California and it placed on a ramp road. Yes, even the road ramped, yet the building is just look so flat with it cubic look.

The design of this house is carrying the contemporary design. This house design minimalist have a such nice appearance with the combination of carved wall as the foundation. It also has a fit garage that will make you easy to park your car.

This house has 4 floor levels, the cubic style make the house look like a puzzle. It has a lot of fireplace that make the house very unique. You will always ready for bracing the cold. With a lot of large wall glasses, it allows you to get the best view of the sky, either at day or night.

For the interior design, it has a modern concept. It just very trendy that you will have your own dinning room with a bar style. There is also a large glass door that can be opened widely, connected to the porch so you can just make some relaxation moment with letting the fresh air comes inside freely.

Right beside of the bed, there is still a large window facing out to the view of Sans Francisco, allow you to open it up at the night and enjoy the light of the city. Right on the top roof, you can also see the 360 panorama of the city. It must be a pleasant house for living!

Well, a house with the good concept always become favorite. This cubic style has a complete feature as a home living. Enjoy the photo of this house design minimalist modern, you will see more wonderful of this epic architecture design!

Image By : John Maniscalco Architecture

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