Stunning Minimalist House Design Inspired by Scandinavian House Design

Nowadays, having minimalist house design is popular. Minimalist design give impression of simplistic living that represents modernity. One of the minimalist houses is WFH house. WFH house is completed by Copenhagen-based studio, Arcgency. There is something interesting from this house.

This minimalist house is recycled house built up from three stacked shipping containers. Yea, as it has been known that recycling is a good idea to create something new from something old. SO, how does this house look like? Regarding to its main material to build the house, can the house be attractive and up to date? Let us see.

WFH house has minimalist interior design that is really eye catching. You will be surprised at the first sight you see the house. Comparing with its exterior design, WFH house interior design looks more elegant than its exterior. The interior of WFH house is flawless and it is attired by flawless white color that can create minimalist yet elegant impression to the house.

To add the color in the interior, the colorful rugs are put on the wood floor. It successfully creates cozy feeling to the house. Some furniture in contrast color like red is put here. WFH house actually refers the minimalist Scandinavian design. Here you can find breezy impression with light flooding hug.

WFH house is designed with the concept of energy less consumption. It is expected to generate more energy that the consumption of energy itself. The usage of some material such as repurposed containers as steel frame, bamboo facade, rain water collection system, and solar cell-clad in green roof are the ways to make the house less of energy consumption. WFH house is also surrounded by prolific vegetation that can add natural feeling to the house.

This minimalist house offers comfortable living for anyone who loves simplistic living yet still modern. WFH house can provide you what you need. Without question, this house can be said minimalist house design inspiration with all its simplicity and modernity.

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