Stunning Modern Countryside Home Applying Rustic Style

Rustic building style that is modified stunningly will be able to be used well to create design of modern countryside home interestingly. Exotic rustic home combined with modern architecture style is developed perfectly in Contemporary Countryside Villa project that is modified excellently. This building project is built successfully in Torlsanda, Sweden which rustic building style with modern architecture concept is applied perfectly in this project.

Wooden material detail is applied well to decorate house construction so it can represent modern rustic building perfectly. The wooden detail is combined with iron construction detail that is also used well to decorate house construction so it will be able to create stylish building appearance.

Concept of country living modern countryside developed in this project actually will be able to create house building architecture style that looks so special. It is supported by large yard design that is decorated by using simple paving block design.

White interior scheme is also create perfectly in this project. Indirectly it will create modern interior decoration that is modified excellently. Modern interior furniture with bright furniture color design is used well as proper furniture design that is applied in this interior space.

Red single seat combined with modern white sofa can modify house interior in this project modernly and interestingly. Interior space decoration will also look more interesting to be decorated by using artistic art painting picture placed on interior wall.

In addition, aluminum construction that is used to design glass wall construction is also modified interestingly by using red color design. Automatically red aluminum design looks so suitable to be combined with natural construction feature applied surrounding.

Large balcony style with old wooden feature design will be able to decorate house exterior space perfectly. It becomes special characteristic of country side living modified excellently, artistically and stunningly to create special house living design.

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