Stunning Modern House with Curved Wall

The curved wall for the modern house really strengthens this style. Designed in white, grey, and black the modernity absolutely reveals to strengthen the curved wall. Glazed wall around this house emerges the contemporary style of this house. Surrounded with green grass, this house stands in elegance.

Simple building becomes an impressive site to be an eye-catching object with its curved facade. Overlapping building allows the spacious interior. Bright nuance reveals by using white color. Compact decoration surely emerges the comfortable living place with astonishing modern furniture.

White, grey, and black are blended for the facade. The idea of modern house design is revealed with its curved wall. Built in three levels, this house designs its lower floor as the basement. Black is used for coloring the entrance door and the garage.

Glazed wall is designed with some glazed door that can be slide. Iron fence protects the terrace at the second floor. At the back, spacious backyard is with concrete floor. At the wall, indirect lamps are placed for revealing the elegant nuance. Refreshing nuance is coming to complete the ideal living place in modernity.

Sculptural staircase connects the floors in white concrete in the middle of the interior. The floor is designed in grey color of concrete also. Modern kitchen is with white kitchen cabinets. It is placed beside the glazed wall for giving a refreshing culinary activity.

Comfortable living area uses modern sofas with grey and it is combined with simple wooden table in the middle. Indirect lamp of the ceiling reveals the luxurious atmosphere. Elegant bathroom consists of white free standing bathtub beside the white cabinets. Curved alley separates it from the powder room in black marble floor and wall.

The idea of applying curved wall surely reveals the modern appearance of the home facade. The modernity is strengthened by using the modern color tone of white, grey, and black. This house is elegant outlook with cozy interior decoration by applying the modern decorating idea.

Compact room decoration is completed with sculptural stairs in the middle. Pale color tone strengthens the nuance of modernity. This idea of modern house plans can be an inspiration for revealing the modern living place in elegant construction.

Image By : J. Mayer H. Architects

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