Stunning Penthouse Apartment Architecture with Chic Luxury Interior

You can adopt this penthouse apartment architecture for your dream future house. This place has fantastic interior that fits to your relaxing place. You also can find incredible furniture in this apartment. The modern gold furniture makes this apartment stunning yet luxurious. You also can arrange the furniture position to make the best interior view.

Let’s start with the living room. This living room has brown golden carpet which covers the white floor. You can discover two brown couches which face each other in this space. In the middle of it, you can see black coffee table. You also can add black vase with red rose flowers.

Look how cute your living space! This apartment also has metal spiral staircase in the middle of the apartment room. This black metal staircase connects the first floor and the upper floor. What a chic and unique penthouse apartment floor plans!

In the upper floor you can discover bedroom. The bedroom has simple design but looks so elegant. It has the combination of neutral colors that look so wonderful. This bedroom has cream floor and brown wall. You also can discover black bed which is available in the center of the room.

Two bedside tables also look awesome for this room. It also has white table lamps which are available on the top of the bedside tables. In the side of this bed you can see big wooden bookshelf which looks elegant for your room interior.

This apartment also has fabulous bathroom architecture. It has black stone floor and black stone wall. On the corner you can find wide glass shower room with opaque glass door. Look how wonderful this design. On the side of this shower room is available wooden bathtub which looks so unique and fresh. This bathroom also has wooden wall which has white granite washbowl stick on it. So, what do you think of this luxury apartment floor plans for your dream house?

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