Stunning Resort Architecture of Tanjong Jara with Spectacular Views

Looking at the resort architecture of Tanjong Jara that is located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, we will get the stunning design. This place is a paradise that is spotted between the two big cities the North and Kuantan in the South.

It’s called Kuala Terengganu. The stunning design comes with some cottages, facilities, and outdoor and indoor architectural styles. The gardening system and courtyard decorations also support the views to be spectacular.

Now, please look at the pictures we are involving. The resort architecture design in this place includes the building architecture and outdoor decoration. The outdoor decorations are situated in natural scenes by applying some additional decorations and facilities.

They provide a great irregular swimming pool with blue bottom base surrounded by several lounge seats. It is located among the vegetation lushes and also white small buildings. The view of each cottage is also attractive; they are several built near of the ocean with cone roofing styles. The most incredible facility is the appearance of infinity swimming pool in front of the traditional cottage with some coconut trees.

Seeing the cottages, we will ask how about the interior decoration is. Now, let’s check one of them. The interior decoration of this cottage in a room is designed as compact style. The ambiance is in sweet golden shining. It is located facing to the ocean view. They make the room in open plan covered by some creamy curtains.

The furniture is dominantly in white style such as the bed, foot bench, and some pillows. There are also completed decorations such as the granite cupboard with glass spaces, table lamps, and flower place. The head board of the bed is situated in decorative style. It comes with the wall arts of pictures attached.

Well, there are so many great styles that are providing by this resort. The resort architecture is stylized as sunning based on the high quality. If you are spending a vacation, this will be one of the great destinations. It is not only about the architectural style that the resort provides. The views surrounding is also so spectacular. So, get more resort hotel architecture design if you want to encourage your opinion about the resort design.

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