Stunning Slope House Design: Twilight House

The design of slope house is always able to make anybody who sees it amaze with the floor plan. There are some stunning modern house designs that located in a sloppy area and one of them is this incredible five-bedroom modern sloppy house design that use in Twilight Movie.

This superb modern sloppy house design is designed by Arthur Erickson and now it is on sale for at least 3.3 million dollar. This superb modern house design is located in the edge of West Vancouver’s forest, which means that this beautiful modern style living space design will be able to provide you with such amazing scenery.

The slope house plans are the things that always make anybody amaze with this type of house. In this wonderful Twilight Movie House, the house is also the one that make it very special. The front door is located in the top of the land; it is located in the highest area and in order to give easy access for the guest.

Instead of using bottom-top setting, the slop home design is usually using top-bottom space setting. It means that the main room like living room and dining room is usually located in the top floor while the private room like bedroom usually located in the lower level.

This perfect modern house design is on the market for 3.3 million dollar, but what make it worth that price? Well, this is a highly minimalist home design that using panoptic setting in some part of the house. The designer understand that amazing architectural design is not enough to make this house special, it has to be something that no other house can have, the beauty of west Vancouver’s forest scenery.

With the kind of beauty that presented by this gorgeous modern house design, the price is indeed worth it, isn’t it? Slope house designs from Twilight Movie are simply something beautiful.

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